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At Saffron, step into a warm and inviting haven where the diverse paths of all food enthusiasts converge for a shared culinary journey. In our welcoming space, every lifestyle finds a place, and great food is a joy meant for everyone to savor.
Saffron Vegetarian Eatery Chefs

From the materials used to build our interior, to the ingredients in our delectable dishes and crafted cocktails, our focus has been to highlight the exceptional work of small, artisanal craftsmanship.

Our mushrooms are locally sourced from Sundown Mushrooms, a Las Vegas boutique urban mushroom farm whose mission is to sustainably grow gourmet healthful mushrooms through regenerative practices and offer the freshest specialty mushrooms and healing mushroom products. They’re centered to spread knowledge in taking charge of our own health and healing, and offer light to others in their own healing however they can with an emphasis on the medicinal value of their products.

Our unique beverage program features many wines and spirits from our friends at ALT. Imports, a small Las Vegas beverage distributor founded on the simple values of sustainable viticulture, a natural approach to winemaking, and an uninhibited expression of terroir. Their passionate team has been moved by the infallible growth of minimal intervention wines, and how it affects the market en masse while dreaming of representing a group of winemakers they respect, value, and admire, many of which are creating artisanal, funky, unique, and personal wines every year, We hold the belief that supporting these types of winemakers directly align with, not only with our values for wine, but for life, as well.

Their small portfolio pays respect to unique, small family- run wineries and distilleries that create beautiful handcrafted wines, spirits, and sakes with love, care and honesty. Many of the wines featured on our list come from these winemakers and distillers, and are all organic, vegan, and responsibly sourced. This means hand-cultivation of grapes and grains, which leads to more jobs, and less residual contributions that come from machine cultivation and processes involved in the modern creation of wines and spirits.


Mushrooms & Health Benefits
of Sundown Mushrooms

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