The 2021 Best New Restaurants List

Saffron, The Vegetarian Eatery

If you’re going to make an exception to the rules, it might as well be in Las Vegas, right? Which is how Saffron the Vegetarian Eatery, which as the name suggests is technically a vegetarian restaurant and not a fully vegan one, made it on this list. We picked it because it is almost entirely vegan (a couple of dishes, clearly marked on the menu, have non-vegan traces) and even amid a number of plant-based dining options in Las Vegas, Saffron feels particularly special. It’s the kind of place to dress up and eat dinner before celebrating whatever you came to Las Vegas to celebrate. Chef Louross Edralin’s curries, noodles, and salads are artfully plated and the whole operation has a luxe, Vegas-y feel.

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Saffron Vegetarian Eatery Interior

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